• Grilled Shrimps
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Chili cheese fries

Clesi's Seafood Restaurant & Catering

About us

CLESI’S Restaurant & Catering is an AWARD-WINNING family run organization serving authentic New Orleans cuisine with a backyard flair. Siblings, James, Carlo and Sonya own and operate CLESI’S restaurant and CLESI’S AT BOTTINELLI private event spaces. Whether hosting the party or bringing the celebration to you, no event is too large or small. James CLESI began CLESI’S in 2013 with his signature crawfish “pop up” boils at local bars and venues across the city. The journey began as a dedication to providing excellent experiences and quality traditional New Orleans cuisine. Today, CLESI’S accomplishes these goals with a growing “family” of dedicated managers and staff who believe that the starting point for every visit or celebration should always begin with quality in food and service!